Gravestones and Headstones

Whenever you walk through a cemetery, we see many gravestones and headstones. They are also called tombstones. Basically, they placed over graves ( This has been the tradition over the years. Interestingly, this is based on various religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam among others. Tombstones are of different shapes ,sizes , material and decorations. The preference lies with the family of the deceased or even the deceased wishes. Many people prefer inscribing something on the stone. Some people include the name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased. In addition to this, a message from the book of worship a quote or a prayer may also be included.

Tombstones were used as the stone lid placed on stone coffins. On the other hand, gravestone was originally used as the stone slab that was placed over graves. As years passed, soil movement caused older headstones to often tilt causing the stones to move several metres away from the original local beings will suffer the same fate which is death ( Gravestones and headstones are important since they mark a resting place for our family members and friends. It is significant that the living take care of this places. When left for long gravestones may be destroyed by eithetion.

Many people view Gravestones and headstones as a place for mourning .Fundamentally, this is because of religion. Religion plays a major role in our socialization and our traditions from generation to generation. In respect to this , names of relatives are frequently added to the gravestones. Moreover, this helps mark the passing of the entire family over a period of time.

In Christian churches, gravestones symbolize wealth and prominence in society. Interestingly, there are those who build gravestones in churchyards yet they are still alive ( Gravestones erected in churches are a testament to wealth and status in society.

Different cemeteries have different prefereces when it comes to setting up gravestones and headstones. Essentially, some cemeteries do not advocate for the placing of wooden memorial because they prefer a more permanent structure. Consequently, there are cemeteries that require stones of certain shapes to help ease grass cutting. This is significant because graveyards require maintenance. Headstones are made of granite ,marble and other stones.