When sleeping together with parent, how to keep the baby safe

There are many ways to let your baby sleep, either in a pack and play or parent’s bed. If you plan to buy a pack and play for your cutie to sleep independently, please look for the top rated pack and play to get more useful information and advice to pick up the best one. On the contrary, if you intend to let him/her sleep together with you, please follow this article.

Benefits of sleeping together:

  • Some experts believe that sleeping with parents will help mount emotional and feels safe for the baby. The reason is that closeness as well as devoted parents day and night for the baby.
  • Breastfeeding easier because your baby right beside. This also helps to maintain enough milk for the baby.
  • Bed sharing also helps warm enough for a little kid my parents around.
  • Some parents say they are sleeping more time because she did not wake up at night. They assured that the baby always close by and observed how little. So parents do not have to get up and check how your baby.
  • Bed sharing also helps with the healthy emotional development of the child. Sleeping supporters also said that this natural fit, not create a gap between parents and children as separate bedrooms.
  • Some experts believe that this is also beneficial for the baby’s physiological stability as heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature control are better.
  • There is evidence that unsafe sleeping infant (See also safety factor)
  • Some parents feel their sleep will make uncomfortable, especially when she is bigger and bed occupancy. Babies have no conscious about sharing space on the bed.
  • Some parents think baby sleeping will depend on emotionally and physically. They love their children independently; learn the skills to fend for him, not dependent parents.
  • General sleep can hinder the conjugal relationship.
  • General will make her sleep always depend on going to sleep is to have parents.

Disadvantages of sleeping together:

In fact, there are times to sleep together though your point is. As childhood disease or feelings of insecurity, they will want to sleep with her parents and her parents too. Many big babies will automatically through the bed when she woke up her parents to be embraced in the morning. Yes, the baby goes to sleep sometimes, “Design” parent’s bed. This is not a big problem, do not worry. Important is that you must always pay attention to safety issues when sleeping.

When should sleep together and when they do not

  • Many parents see the baby sleeping since birth is very natural. They say she needs closeness, so they share a bed baby at birth.
  • Bed sharing can become a habit of some families, not be changed.
  • The majority of parents support the still sleeping baby crib prepared though only for your baby to sleep in the daytime.
  • Often the baby can sleep in your baby’s crib. Until the night woke up sucking new parents bed and sleep through until morning.
  • Parents may first-night sleep with the baby, then the baby to sleep separately, depending on the baby’s sleep time.
  • Sleep time together generally decided by parents. When parents feel more interrupted sleep, they will change.
  • There is no fixed time when you should stop sleeping together. When to stop is because parents decide.
  • Some children were accustomed to sleeping; it’s difficult to sleep alone episode. That’s when parents have to learn different ways to coax the baby to sleep.

Safety factor when sharing:

Children’s organizations and SIDS (sudden death syndrome infant) said that sharing a bed with your baby increases the risk of SIDS, SUDI (sudden death of unknown cause) and death situations during sleep other. This risk is increased when the parents do not feed your baby, holding your baby or child in bed playing with general, as long as the baby to sleep safely in her crib before the parents go to bed.

The study of SIDS (sudden death syndrome in infants) showed safest sleep environment is the baby crib own. Bedside crib parents should stay within 6-12 months of life. Before you decide to sleep together or separately, parents should check the latest information from SIDS and children’s organizations (link attached below).

Important factors to consider:

  • Sleeping baby may be overwhelmed by the lies sandwiched between her parents. She may be masked or rolled blankets on the bed.
  • She may die of parents pressed or being pressed against the wall. Pillows, blankets, bed sheets can do little overwhelmed.
  • There is the risk of the baby’s parents lay atop especially when parents are tired, deep sleep, your parents are obese, or medication, alcohol affects sleep.
  • The risk of SIDS increases markedly if she sleeps with parents with smoke.
  • Baby sleep on a waterbed or soft mattress is never safe at all. Like sleeping on a chair or sofa, these places are not safe if sleeping with parents.
  • Baby sleeping on the stomach goes particularly dangerous. Parents should not nap if she were still prone on his chest parents.
  • Baby sleeping with her siblings is also unsafe because the baby may be overlapping or be overwhelmed.

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