Tips To Give Your Child Haircuts At Home

     How do  you think about idea that don’t need come any hair salons but your child still have good haircut at home? This is a great way to bring fun for both of you and save a small amount of money for your family. What you need is just a good pair of shears or the best hair clippers 2016

1. Watch Haircut Video

     If you really would like to do, this is the most effective online teaching method even it is better many times the way reading many articles about how to cut your baby’s hair because of its lively images. Youtube is one of the wonderful sources in order to offer before cutting.

2. Purchase the Right Tools

     If you used to have experience in cutting hair for your doll when you are a kid, perhaps you will understand clearly how craft scissors can influence bad to your result. For this reason, you only have two options: purchasing the right tools or taking an ugly hairstyle. A good pair of shears is always the perfect start and you can buy this kind of tool in any local beauty supply shops just about $20. Besides the great pair of shears, it is very important for you to prepare the following items: comb, towel and a spray bottle for wetting hair.

     Obviously, I am sure that this is not the only one so the careful preparation full of the essential and suitable equipment will help you improve your cutting skill over time for the better next time. Even although you can’t create the professional hairstyle, you will be more confident during the cutting process. This is really important due to most of kids with their first time for cutting are scared with your giant scissor on their head.

3. Ask Any Stylists

     In spite of cutting for only a kid, learning style secrets from any stylist will be better. Why not? It is very simple to go straight a hair salon and ask your own professional stylist. On your next cutting time, remember to ask yours some interesting tips and secrets about this field, you can find some useful suggestions. Especially, you can learn more from a stylist as mom because she understands and knows how to save money in cutting like trimming in between full haircut.
     Don’t forget limitation in asking due to all of stylists need keep some important secrets for earning their living. In addition, you are a part of their income so they will not share any in-depth tutorials. However, some basics are enough to cut your kid’s hair at home.

4. Keep Your Kid Busy

     You should know that it is quite difficult for your child to sit still totally on chair in hair salon so at home even this can become a challenge with you. All of kids tend to run around without sitting still completely. Therefore, to avoid a kid’s shaggy hairstyle, you ought to provide any actions in the kitchen chair for keeping yours busy. This is an effective way in order to not only save your time but help your child be more content in a short time as well.
     For example, you should opt for the picture books for them in place of making the combination of CD player, listening to audio books or music. You can also consider its favorite programs or the nutritious snacks for occupying them. The less distractions appear, the smoother hair-cut is.

5. Go Slow

     If you are the beginner of cutting child’s hair, you had better go slow because your actions will be very different with manipulation of stylists. Taking your time is not a big problem, the key of success is how to cut uniformly in the sides, front and back.
     It is very easy for you to take mistakes when your kid begins with complaints so you have to try to keep them stay in place without moving. Unluckily, the hasty hair-cut can create the short snips or nick its skin. Do you want to meet the bad cutting experience?
     At the first time, perhaps you will feel this takes too much your free time but you should think about future when your hair-cut skill is better. Let think how much time you will need, in the event of cutting at salon. Firstly, you must put your baby into car, drive to the salon, wait on your stylist, watch your child get its hair-cut, come back into the car for driving home. It is longer when you cut at home, right?
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