Everything pregnant women should know during 14-week fetus

When pregnancy is 14 weeks, then certainly you have come to a few appointments and antenatal care. An integral part of antenatal care regulations at an early stage is a blood test. If you have not been doing these tests, or for any reason that are ignored, talk and check with your doctor. The important thing is you need to be tested, identified on blood group, blood counts, and immunity to some diseases, as well as checking the health of the fetus.


Everything pregnant women should know during 13-week fetus

This week, your baby weighs less than 40 grams, is still very small, but has started to fidget and move frequently when not in a state of sleep. Two little eyes are now in the normal position, not far away from the sides as before. The movement breathing, sucking and swallowing gently made can be seen clearly on the ultrasound screen. The early practice complex skills now will help her more proficient at birth and begin to live.

Step through 13th week, you may be more comfortable for regaining energy. You start to feel like eating as normal again, and looking forward to the meal instead of feeling frightened. Try to have a rich diet to help your body healthy and good support for the growth of the fetus. Experts recommend that pregnant women should not restrict food, and eat foods with different tastes and smells. This will have a positive impact on the fetus; help children easily accept different foods later when they begin feeding. If the taste of the fetus was “bait” for a variety of different flavors through amniotic fluid, later she will tend to explore, and more sophisticated dining. (more…)

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