Everything pregnant women should know during 17-week fetus

Congratulations, you’ve passed the halfway point of their pregnancy. After 16 weeks, your body and the fetus have been many significant changes. However, some women look pregnant yet to figure out because property slim belly somewhat hides two are growing up. If you do not want to reveal that you are pregnant, you just need to cleverly choose an outfit to cover the abdomen.

During pregnancy, you usually have the habit of comparing their belly size with the other women. You should know that each person will experience pregnancy is not entirely the same. So do not worry if your stomach was young and you have not looked visibly pregnant. You may often hear the mother and the neighbors just told some experience. However, in practice, impossible to know the exact size, growth and gender of the fetus based on the external appearance of the womb.

Where’s my wallet?

By now, you need to think about preparing for the baby to eat and sleep on site. In the first 12 months of life, infant crib cribs are the safest place for your baby to sleep. Put it on your bedside to comfort and care for the baby monitor. At this point, you start shopping needs clothes and essential items for the baby. However, it should consider buying things for the baby really needed. If money is tight, the best solution for you is to purchase installments or used furniture. You can also borrow or ask from friends and relatives just had a baby. However, if you intend to add baby born again, invest in buying the best furniture from the outset to be used always for the remaining child.

The physical changes of pregnancy week 17

This week, you or painting and more tired. Circulatory system must work hard to pump blood through the body and animal placenta to the baby. Therefore, you should ensure that the food supplements rich in vitamin C nutrition and iron include beef, vegetables, cereals and fresh fruit.

Increased body temperature makes you feel hot and sweats more. This makes you not want to wear thick clothes. Fans and air conditioners can help you feel more comfortable. You should also regularly wash with warm water and avoid wearing fabrics made from synthetic fibers.

You should be cautious with urinary tract infections. Women’s short urethra and 2 bodies near the vagina and anus so it is easy to cause inflammation against the current. Simple preventive measures are very effective as personal hygiene, cleaning genital tract, urinary daily, before and after sex. Also, always wash and wipe the genital area from front to back direction every time the toilet to avoid putting bacteria into the urethra causing retrograde infection. In addition, a daily habit you should drink lots of water and do not try to fast when you need the toilet. Do not rush that give you enough time to resolve everything in the abdomen.

This week, you can get heartburn during pregnancy. Hormone increases during pregnancy slow down digestion, meaning that the food in the stomach longer, causing more acid secreted. Burning sensation in the chest that occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter dilated (this body has the task of keeping the substance in the stomach), causing stomach acid reflux in the esophagus. This makes you feel nauseous, especially after eating spicy foods like curry. Maintaining a sensible diet will help prevent heartburn during pregnancy. You need to increase the liquid foods, meals removed from the food easy to cause heartburn, such as spicy foods, baked goods, chocolate, coffee, wine, beer and carbonated drinks. Also, you should place pillows a little higher than normal during sleep. If symptoms of heartburn too uncomfortable, affecting daily activities, you should seek your doctor for advice using acid antagonists.

These emotional changes

This week, you already look forward to the baby’s lovely movement. You usually have the habit of putting his hand on the belly and waiting for the gentle movement of the baby to make sure that your child remains healthy development.

At this stage, you tend to focus all attention on the fetus. This screening helps you prioritize what should and should not do during pregnancy.

Depression often occurs during this period, especially for pregnant women with a history of the capital neurodegenerative disease. Do gnawing fear alone, share concerns with your doctor and do not hesitate to ask a family member to help you when needed.

The changes of baby

Baby now about 13 centimeters long from crown to rump properties. It is too early to form the layer of fat under the skin. However, this week appears a little special help protect organs from impacts from the external temperature of the environment after birth.

A thin white layer of thanks, called cause slick covering her body, helps to protect the environment in the amniotic fluid skin as well as help them move more easily. Most babies will continue to offer this sticky white substance after birth.

Services, babies start to swallow amniotic fluid and kidney began working to produce urine. If you have an ultrasound this week, you will be seeing your baby’s body.

The first hair appeared on the crown of the head and a fine undercoat covered throughout the body. Typically, these premature babies are born will have more hair on his back and arms. Some children tend to bald in a few months and there is a cap on the head of hair growth. Note that the development of a fetus is completely different. These are just the most common development of the fetus in the corresponding period.

This stage, your baby will sleep more and accumulate energy for the formation and development of the body. However, you will recognize the child’s activities when he motion turned and kicking machine, especially when you are sleeping.