Everything pregnant women should know during 16-week fetus

When the fetus is 16 weeks old, one of the most exciting times of the stage of pregnancy are very close: the moment you feel the presence of the baby through the first movement. Typically most of the mothers are feeling the lovely movement from week 16. If this is not the first baby, you will feel it sooner.

Until now, waters still acts as a cushion to support every activity of the baby. Nerves connected to the uterine wall cannot be too young and direct contact with the baby. Your baby is now big enough to stimulate the nerve conduction circuit; your brain starts recorded gentle movements of the baby.

The first comments about baby

It is difficult to express precisely the feeling the first time you feel the movement of her unborn baby. Many pregnant women say the first movement is like a small balloon is joyfully dancing. The baby’s movements will be easier to recognize than when you are lying or sitting. Surely you will smile, knowing that the bike hut slight movement in the belly is the way I know baby notify baby are healthy.

Note that the development of a fetus is completely different. Every pregnant woman should have its own comments on the development of their children. The first day, you are so uncertain about the movements of the baby and that you are easy to imagine. Be patient, wait and you will soon realize this lovely motion soon.

The change of the mother when the fetus 16 weeks

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, you notice the top of the uterus was close access to the navel. Touching your belly will touch the top of the uterus. During the ANC, the doctor will measure the height of the uterus to check and compare the development of the baby with the previous prenatal visit.

At this time, your uterus is the size of a small melon fruit, so heavier abdomen and inserts to the pelvis.

If you increase a few pounds, stretch marks on the abdomen, groin and breasts begin to appear. Drier your skin so you should take care lotion to soften skin. However, should consider carefully before spending money for advertising reefs creams on the market widely. Most pregnant women have to go through this situation and in no way really effective to prevent it happening.

This is a time when most women begin to snore terribly much. It is caused by a stuffy nose. To sleep better, you should not try supine or prone position. Sleep on one side and put a pillow under your legs will help comfort and also helps the blood to the fetus to be easy, the situation will alleviate snoring. If you have dry nose, nasal sprays with the use of liquefied mucus and helps moisten and nose will be useful to you.

In this period, your baby grows very fast; you may be vulnerable to hunger. You should prepare some snacks healthy and refrigerated food container to be used when needed. Looking to buy foods with lower sugar content to quench your hunger that still does not make you gain weight too much.

Your heart has to work harder than normal to pump 50% of the blood around the body. Most mothers are experiencing this feeling. If your heart pounding after exercising or climbing stairs, you remember to slow down, slow and gentle movement to let the body catch up slowly, avoid sudden stops. Symptoms may persist throughout the pregnancy, but you do not worry coz your heart will return to normal after delivery. If you smoke, this is the time when the ideological struggle to give it up. For me and for yourself anymore, replace tobacco with other more nutritious foods such as nonfat yogurt, fresh juice mixture.

Changes in emotions

If a bit uncomfortable about the pregnancy before, you will probably feel better this week. You will feel the movements of your child. Many women say that they feel invisible bond between them and the child, a special relationship ever before. So they want to keep confidential the movements of their own children. This is easy to understand. However, you should share such interesting information with the husband to feel both joy is about to become parents.

This week you should start thinking about preparing plans for the day they give birth. Your belly gets bigger and heavier because she is moving downwards. Let family started planning the best preparation for the baby is born.

The changes of baby

Your uterus becomes cramped, because it contains both the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord, mucous membranes and, not to mention space for the baby move as she curled up, flip, flip, back bending, bending, stretching limbs. But do not worry, luckily, our uterus is designed specifically to be able to stretch and grow many times the original size and shape to suit the child.

Babies start sucking fingers. Ultrasound at week 16 showed that many babies have known for very hands on mouth shut and enjoy the action. Some babies are born with the skin blisters on the fingers.

Her body is very significant growth. Skeleton is gradually shifting from hard bone cartilage flexible, which means that your child is developing well. That’s why you need to supplement calcium and have a suitable diet to help you and your baby healthy. Although there is no habit of drinking milk, you should also add some calcium-rich foods such as beans, soybeans, tofu, orange juice, cheese, yogurt, quiche, cream, herringbone, tuna and almond. Dark green leafy vegetables contain calcium, which helps create muscle, bone and blood-forming can also be beneficial, you should take daily.