Everything pregnant women should know during 15-week fetus

You are in the middle stages of the change in body weight. Try to maintain a good posture when traveling will help you avoid back pain and muscle fatigue is not necessary. If you have to lift heavy objects, please remember that rested on his knees and use four large and powerful muscles in his thighs to help pry.

If you have a slightly larger baby, still in regular age must carry, you need to baby-step instructions neat when you sit in your lap, and then hugged the neck stand up. When going out, you should use the stroller, or allow him into the supermarket trolley, or arrange a time for shopping and leisure when my husband could help care for their children. Fitness workout, yoga, water gymnastics and physical therapy can help strengthen muscles, maintain healthy alignment of the spine.


The physical changes of pregnancy week 15

At this time, the amount of blood circulating in your body greatly increased so can make you feel hot and flushed skin, even though the weather was cool. Really cannot rely on you to estimate the temperature in the room at this time. Look, your palms are flushed. If you run away palmistry, fortune tellers see your hands and saying you are pregnant, then do not be surprised. Even if you have not then enlarged abdomen, then the red palm sugar is also one of the signs that you are pregnant, but absolutely not a soothsayer so good and right.

You can also see the veins in the legs also appeared clearer, and legs will be sore if standing for long periods. If you have had children before, and you are overweight or have a family history, you may be susceptible to varicose veins. Some pregnant women need to wear support stockings to help blood return leg back up above. Every time is, you try to raise the legs up a bit higher, and standing restrictions as possible.

At this stage, your hair is often thick and beautiful. Typically, there is always the hair development cycle and fall, however, when you’re pregnant; it will not shed much hair.

Your nails can now look a little strange. Many pregnant women see their nails more brittle, weak and easy to peel. Painted on the nail hardener will not cause harm to you or your baby, you just do it in a well-ventilated place, because that way you will not have to breathe in the smell of paint with concentrated.

Changes in emotions

There is a strange transformation took place during this period. Looking outward form, you still do not appear to be pregnant, but the wardrobe, it seems no one can fit anymore. The soffit waist it will be tight around the chest. Therefore, the dress may seem more difficult. A choice which one to wear and fit is already difficult, even more, is difficult for the beautiful. Well, so go shopping! “Therapy” seems to have the best effect.

You may feel a little scared a little doubt about their decision to have children. You doubt your own abilities, wondering whether her husband really deserves the father of the baby or not. You think about your childhood, and then wondered if he would raise the childlike. These things are quite normal, can overwhelm your mind, especially at a time when dawn’s early light when his ego is not rational strong. Please talk with your husband. These worries are really common in most pregnant women.

If you previously have always been an independent woman, then now may be the time for you to challenge. You may require the help of a husband. This does not necessarily mean that you have become dependent, more or less likely. Pregnancy, in many ways, is a process that should have shared, and he will enjoy the opportunity to help you feel can contribute in some way.

The changes of baby

The fetus is developing quickly. Only in the last two weeks, the baby’s weight has doubled, and in length from head to rump is now about 10.1 cm.

The baby is still very thin, skin stretched on a little body. The skin is still translucent in, can see the inside of blood vessels. You can calculate the heart rate of the baby at this time, by measuring your heart rate (pulse at the wrist click), then multiply doubled.

Your baby’s legs seem very disproportionate to the rest of the body. Hand longer legs, foldable in the knees and ankles. Calcium has begun to accumulate in the small bone to help bone growth, so you remember to add dairy foods in your diet.

Just this week, was able to determine the sex of the baby through an ultrasound screen. If it is a girl, the ovaries will contain all the number of eggs that she will have in her lifetime, about 3 million eggs. If it is a boy, the testicles are still located high above the abdomen. On this point, the baby’s chest and began to see the appearance of tiny nipples.

This time baby teeth also started construction platform inside the gum, and will play an important role in the development of the baby teeth later. The small amount of fluoride in the water that you are drinking each day will help shape the enamel on the teeth, permanent teeth as well as on the future of the baby.

The baby would have yawned, and crinkled movements and facial stretching. The fetus is still sleeping a lot but there is about travel times and makes muscle training movements.

The baby’s fingerprints begin to form in this period. No one has fingerprints coincide with each other, and that is truly unique signs to distinguish your baby with anyone else.