Everything pregnant women should know during 13-week fetus

This week, your baby weighs less than 40 grams, is still very small, but has started to fidget and move frequently when not in a state of sleep. Two little eyes are now in the normal position, not far away from the sides as before. The movement breathing, sucking and swallowing gently made can be seen clearly on the ultrasound screen. The early practice complex skills now will help her more proficient at birth and begin to live.

Step through 13th week, you may be more comfortable for regaining energy. You start to feel like eating as normal again, and looking forward to the meal instead of feeling frightened. Try to have a rich diet to help your body healthy and good support for the growth of the fetus. Experts recommend that pregnant women should not restrict food, and eat foods with different tastes and smells. This will have a positive impact on the fetus; help children easily accept different foods later when they begin feeding. If the taste of the fetus was “bait” for a variety of different flavors through amniotic fluid, later she will tend to explore, and more sophisticated dining.

Everything does not fit you any more

You can see his belly grow bigger than a little, or maybe not, but this time make sure you have a clear feeling that she is pregnant. Every time a little long standing, you can see the legs and back soreness. Let’s not the time to suck, but you can also change a bit generals than before.

You also need to change your sleeping habits to have a more comfortable position. If you previously used to sleep face down, at which point you will see will be more difficult because of abdominal heart. So, consider buying a long pillow so you can scroll around and legs. You’ll find it’s worth it because this will help you get a good sleep until the last weeks of pregnancy.

The physical changes of pregnancy week 13

Nothing surprised if your shoes become more cramped. Not what you’re imagining, which is due to progesterone, an important hormone of pregnancy, is rising to help relax the ligaments in your pelvis, as well as other positive effects. By the end of pregnancy, you will find your shoe size increased to at least half the size, or maybe even more.

Be prepared blotter. Do not worry if you see a bloody nose despite that you’ve never been. The veins swell will make you vulnerable to a runny nose, nasal congestion, and nasal bleeding. Nosebleed usually clears up, but it is important that you do not panic, let sit until it runs out.

Do you notice your skin more beautiful it is? Acne crowd seems to have gone nowhere and no longer face any more speckled. Note the toilet clean and moisturize as you would normally do. At this point, you may find yourself a bit more oily skin, therefore, need to change moisturizer accordingly.

Chest perhaps still is where you feel the most obvious changes at this time. It seems to change completely, feeling heavier, more sensitive, and more pain. If you find bras are using does not seem comfortable enough, you should shop for maternity garments more suitable. These are important items needed during pregnancy.

These emotional changes

The second trimester of pregnancy is the stage where your body is flooded with hormones and feeling comfortable with everything around. Enjoy this special time. Relax with yoga, massage, underwater gymnastics, or tai chi. The connection with the chakras (chakra in yoga meditation) within you will bring many interesting things, even if you do not know what it looks like.

Maybe the day you just stared at her stomach, to see how much it was. There are times when you are sure that you have a bigger view, although soon after they are no longer seen to that. But, really, it is because something is happening behind your uterus, rather must supply the inside. If your gut or bowel bulging due to emissions, it would make your stomach protrude ago.

You often feel this phase passed slowly, thinking that due date is still too far away. Despite knowing that all activities are still going on inside his abdomen, but the fact you have not seen much. Try to do something unrelated to work or the baby that can bring joy to your day. Hobbies and your own personality should be expressed and warming rather than being ranked distilled into just because you are pregnant.

The changes of baby

This week, your baby will have more limb movement although not get coordination, and still need time to rest long. You will feel the effects of these movements in one or two weeks.

Three small bones in the inner ear of the baby began to take shape this week, and the baby began to be able to hear you. So you take the time to chat, sing to your baby; create an emotional connection cord between mother and child right now, they will grow stronger for the rest of your life.

Now the baby’s legs grow longer arms, and the tiny head was no longer the largest division in the body anymore. Your baby’s body longer and does not bend as much as before.

Tips for 13 weeks pregnant

Try to avoid urinary tract infections. This is a common condition during pregnancy, and although not a big deal, it still can cause more trouble than it just a little bit uncomfortable. Drink plenty of water, and after urination should wipe from front to back. You should emptied bladder before and after sex. The painful urination case you or smell, see your doctor to be tested soon.