Children and Outdoor games

Cannot deny that the kids enjoyed the outdoor game, but recently the park always more junk metal, needles and plastic bags, garbage, scrap, whether kids should go out and play again? If selected, the outdoor play area of the children should be like? No matter they are toddlers, babies or big babies, joining outdoor games is very helpful both in physical and mental sides. However, there is just one small consider for those who have babies that you should let them wear diapers to have a perfect game outdoor. The best choice is cloth diaper because this type is very soft, cool and convenient for babies while joining other activities. You can have a look at some Cloth Diaper Reviews to get more information about which one is the best for your babies.

Start with nature at home

No need to look no further. Let’s start right in your own backyard to make room for the baby to play. A small sand pit in the garden is also the ideal place for your baby to play. Cat has good tactile medium can be said to be good for the emotional body.

You to add shovel offspring, old pots, and pans, wooden spoons, plastic animals or toy cars.

Kids always enjoy playing with water even if the water level is only a few inches high or less pure water in the bucket. The baby now learning more about the natural medium can match your baby just about vocabulary, concepts or mathematical sciences.

You can to add to the water bucket plastic tube shapes and different sizes, plastic bottles, buckets swung, hopper, sprinkler or absorbent cotton.

The trees planted in the garden you also help them learn about colors, shapes, textures and aromas. Creating space in the garden for your baby will help children develop imagination and creativity in the game. Also, baby seats also climb, play hide and seek and other games.

You should study how plants child-friendly. Be sure the trees you plant the garden baby before releasing the game. You should also teach children not to pick flowers or collect leaves pen nuts to try it.

Growing vegetables in the garden can also help teach him the life cycle of the plant. You will teach him how to care and love plants by watering, catching worms and cherish each leaf. The children will also look forward to tasting the baby has grown vegetables. You can try planting tomatoes, beans, broccoli, pumpkin, strawberry and some herbs.

You can choose one small corner of the garden to create a low garden own tiny baby. Choose plants with children close to your baby grow. Decorate with adorable animals in the farm, petite figure, and the tiny dinosaur or fairy characters.

You can add the home of birds, lined gravel road trip, makes a small bridge, add the information to attract baby left as well as help them to play longer.

Discover the world around

If you want your baby to be explored more, you can choose a number of places such as beaches, lakes, forests, botanical gardens … These places will give your child the opportunity to explore the natural world even more.

Join explore nature with Children


The world out there is really too large for the baby but not so that every child jealously guarded in the stroller. You absolutely can cover baby blanket grass sun. Sounds, scents, and scenery will draw for both baby and mother 2 a new wind.

Let your baby feel walking on the grass or on the sand or negative feelings ran a hand through the water.

Baby walker

You can give your baby against sand and water and mix to form a baby likes.

Or baby dancing in the garden, stepping into puddles all. Here’s how to help them burn more energy after rainy days were held indoors.

You can also stroll along infant small bag. Encourage your child to pick up stones, gravel, grass, leaves, and flowers for collection. Whether this short walks in the park, along the beach or just around the neighborhood are new discoveries for children.

The baby walker is often very active and loves to run is like chasing. Take them to play hide and seek behind a tree or playing chase in the garden. These are the simple outdoor game fun

The children also love to drive through the garden. You can decorate on her car with fake leaves, pebbles or twigs.

Most kids love to eat in the garden. You can organize a small picnic basket to baby a chance sun and eat with you.

Big baby

The bigger baby can enjoy bird watching with binoculars and then, to the library to look up more.

Infant or a magnifying glass observes the ants. Having babies can spend hours researching the tiny ant.

You can make a list of words and images depicting objects, trees or natural scenery to baby play treasure hunt, for example.

You can also borrow a camera for small babies and old to see the baby pictures are taken. Using these images as a scrapbook for the baby and retain the image of his own journey with matter.

Making a big draw for the baby book to gardens along the lovely crayons is very useful. Or let him describe plants, leaves, flowers and stones colorful shapes look like.

Baby can also go out in the evening to watch the stars only child, watching the street lights.

If in the countryside with rivers and lakes, you can only play stoned baby into the water


Sit wherever they play the most important is still safe for the baby.

Sunshine: use sunscreen; wear long-sleeved shirts, infant hats when outdoors. Should find a shady spot and avoid baby playing baby playing outdoors during peak sun hours of the day.

Dress according to the weather: rain gears attention when preparing the rainy season, or warm clothing for cold days. You should also prepare towels and clothing if they need replacement reserve.

After the baby is finished playing, you need to clean up the water bucket or small lake. You should remember just 50mm high water levels can only choking the baby.

Only she does not collect flowers, leaves, seeds, fruit or anything earth into his mouth.

Respect nature around us: always gently cradling flowers or caterpillars. And of course, never touch the spiders.