Children and Outdoor games

Cannot deny that the kids enjoyed the outdoor game, but recently the park always more junk metal, needles and plastic bags, garbage, scrap, whether kids should go out and play again? If selected, the outdoor play area of the children should be like? No matter they are toddlers, babies or big babies, joining outdoor games is very helpful both in physical and mental sides. However, there is just one small consider for those who have babies that you should let them wear diapers to have a perfect game outdoor. The best choice is cloth diaper because this type is very soft, cool and convenient for babies while joining other activities. You can have a look at some Cloth Diaper Reviews to get more information about which one is the best for your babies.

Start with nature at home

No need to look no further. Let’s start right in your own backyard to make room for the baby to play. A small sand pit in the garden is also the ideal place for your baby to play. Cat has good tactile medium can be said to be good for the emotional body.

You to add shovel offspring, old pots, and pans, wooden spoons, plastic animals or toy cars. (more…)

Everything pregnant women should know during 17-week fetus

Congratulations, you’ve passed the halfway point of their pregnancy. After 16 weeks, your body and the fetus have been many significant changes. However, some women look pregnant yet to figure out because property slim belly somewhat hides two are growing up. If you do not want to reveal that you are pregnant, you just need to cleverly choose an outfit to cover the abdomen.

During pregnancy, you usually have the habit of comparing their belly size with the other women. You should know that each person will experience pregnancy is not entirely the same. So do not worry if your stomach was young and you have not looked visibly pregnant. You may often hear the mother and the neighbors just told some experience. However, in practice, impossible to know the exact size, growth and gender of the fetus based on the external appearance of the womb. (more…)

Everything pregnant women should know during 16-week fetus

When the fetus is 16 weeks old, one of the most exciting times of the stage of pregnancy are very close: the moment you feel the presence of the baby through the first movement. Typically most of the mothers are feeling the lovely movement from week 16. If this is not the first baby, you will feel it sooner.

Until now, waters still acts as a cushion to support every activity of the baby. Nerves connected to the uterine wall cannot be too young and direct contact with the baby. Your baby is now big enough to stimulate the nerve conduction circuit; your brain starts recorded gentle movements of the baby.


Everything pregnant women should know during 15-week fetus

You are in the middle stages of the change in body weight. Try to maintain a good posture when traveling will help you avoid back pain and muscle fatigue is not necessary. If you have to lift heavy objects, please remember that rested on his knees and use four large and powerful muscles in his thighs to help pry.

If you have a slightly larger baby, still in regular age must carry, you need to baby-step instructions neat when you sit in your lap, and then hugged the neck stand up. When going out, you should use the stroller, or allow him into the supermarket trolley, or arrange a time for shopping and leisure when my husband could help care for their children. Fitness workout, yoga, water gymnastics and physical therapy can help strengthen muscles, maintain healthy alignment of the spine.


Everything pregnant women should know during 14-week fetus

When pregnancy is 14 weeks, then certainly you have come to a few appointments and antenatal care. An integral part of antenatal care regulations at an early stage is a blood test. If you have not been doing these tests, or for any reason that are ignored, talk and check with your doctor. The important thing is you need to be tested, identified on blood group, blood counts, and immunity to some diseases, as well as checking the health of the fetus.


Everything pregnant women should know during 13-week fetus

This week, your baby weighs less than 40 grams, is still very small, but has started to fidget and move frequently when not in a state of sleep. Two little eyes are now in the normal position, not far away from the sides as before. The movement breathing, sucking and swallowing gently made can be seen clearly on the ultrasound screen. The early practice complex skills now will help her more proficient at birth and begin to live.

Step through 13th week, you may be more comfortable for regaining energy. You start to feel like eating as normal again, and looking forward to the meal instead of feeling frightened. Try to have a rich diet to help your body healthy and good support for the growth of the fetus. Experts recommend that pregnant women should not restrict food, and eat foods with different tastes and smells. This will have a positive impact on the fetus; help children easily accept different foods later when they begin feeding. If the taste of the fetus was “bait” for a variety of different flavors through amniotic fluid, later she will tend to explore, and more sophisticated dining. (more…)